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     "During my teen years, my life could have taken many paths. In my confusion I questioned the
existence of God and asked Him to reveal Himself to me. Over the next few years I continued to
offer myself to Him and after I began visiting St. Paul’s, he revealed himself to me in a dream,
and since then, my life has changed.My family and I have been blessed beyond our wildest imaginations,
and I am forever grateful to St. Paul’sand the wonderful people there, for showing me the way."

     "I thank our Father for the availability of St.Paul’s, especially at this time in my life."

     "Without the help of the food bank, I would no tbe able to feed my family. The love and support
that comes out of this place can’t be found anywhere else, and I am forever thankful that there are
people willing to help others put foodon the table when times are tough."

                                                                                            "I am grateful for the courage You have given me to come to St. Paul’s and heal my pain from the
                                                                     past. Thank You for life, for the struggles, and for showing me how to live with them. Thank you for the grace
                                                                    to stay sober, and for blessing all of the people in recovery. Thank you for the retreat and all of the friends
                                                                    I have made."

                                                                                            "This is the first retreat I have attended at St. Paul’sand I have already been touched by
                                                                    Your presence.In the chapel, I saw the strongest of strong men bow their heads and ask for Your
                                                                    forgiveness. Thank you for Your forgiveness of my sins. The retreat could not have come at a better time
                                                                    in my life. I was lonely and now I am filled with your presence. There is an aura that stems from St. Paul’s,
                                                                    the staff, and the people that come here, they are the warmest people I have met in a long time."

     "The weekly Novena brought me great comfort when my mother was sick, and talking with the Passionists helped me
to ease my pain once she went home to be with God. I want to thank the Passionists for holding the Novena, and for
providing the nurturing environment that helped me to heal."

     "Thank you, St. Paul’s for aiding in my relationship with God. Through Him, I have
experienced many changes inthe past year and I am finally able to see the good in life.Thank you, most of all,
for the gift of sobriety. Now, I am able to be grateful for so much that I took advantage of my entire life.
Thank you for my family, my health, my job,and my relationship with You and others. Through You, I was led
to my loving wife, who has acted through You as an instrument of my sobriety. She is the greatest gift You
have given me, and for that I am forever grateful to Youand St. Paul’s."

     "I come to St. Paul’s in search of love, and I am never disappointed. Thank you Jesus for this holy place and these holy people."

Demolition of
the Boilers

                                             June 24, 2015

St. Paul’s Monastery had two boilers
named St. Jerome and St. Francis in
honor of two great saints. They
were heating the Monastery, Church
and part of the Retreat Center
for almost 50 years. A team of
workers demolished the two boilers
and carted away the metal fragments.
In a way it was sad to see them go.
They were relics of a heating system
that served large buildings very
well. But mechanical engineers look
for ways to deliver energy with smaller units and with greater efficiency. That is what we will achieve when the new heating system is installed. Our hot water tanks will be moved into this area when all is in place.

Meanwhile other renovation projects are underway in the Monastery. Individual radiator units in rooms and offices need to be upgraded with new piping. A big task. Asbestos abatement is being done on the ground floor level and in other sections of the house. That was an expense we did not anticipate but it is common in old buildings. At the end of the summer we will begin to renovate many of the rooms in the Monastery and provide private baths for our men. Other projects are being planned and I will keep you posted. Thanks for your prayers and financial help.

St. Paul of the Cross
Monastery Renovations

"God loves a cheerful giver." 2 Cor. 9:7

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Message by Fr. Mark Ward, CP, Rector.

Dear Friends,

I am so pleased to welcome your interest in and support for Saint Paul of the Cross Apostolic Center in Pittsburgh. Established in 1853, Saint Paul of the Cross Monastery was the first Passionist community in North America. Today, one hundred and sixty-two years after our founders established our community and Church on the South Side Slopes overlooking Pittsburgh, we are still serving the people of Western Pennsylvania and visitors from other states through our various ministries. As our Mission states, we are committed to proclaiming the love of Jesus Crucified for all people, and we are dedicated to helping others grow closer to Jesus on their personal spiritual journey. Through our Monastery Church, Retreat Center, and food bank, and through our ministries of preaching, spiritual direction, reconciliation, and assistance to those in recovery, we reach out to individuals in all walks of life.

As we look ahead to the future of our mission in Pittsburgh, we must ensure that our ministries and our facilities continue to meet the changing needs of those we serve. Thus we are embarking upon a multi-year upgrading of our Monastery, Church and Retreat Center. Phase One is our current project to replace the boilers, upgrade the heating system in the Monastery, undertake necessary asbestos abatement, and move our hot water system for greater efficiency. These construction tasks will occur while we continue our various ministries. So we come to you for help. Your generous support will enable us to carry forward our mission, and ensure that those who rely on our various ministries will always be able to look toward the Apostolic Center on the hill as a place of spiritual growth, reconciliation, healing, and peace. Thank you and may God bless you.

Fr. Mark Ward, CP

Facts About St. Paul of the Cross Apostolic Center

• Established in 1852, the oldest Passionist Community in North America • Monastery serves as residence to 12 Passionists

• Monastery Church, dedicated in 1859, serves the faithful who participate in Eucharistic Celebrations, Monday Novena Services, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation

• Active lay involvement: Passionist Associates and lay men and women work together with the Passionist Community

• Serves more than 3,500 people annually through its various ministries

• Retreat Center opened 1921

• Only Retreat Center to offer parish-based retreats

• Provides a silent retreat, guided weekend retreat for men and women, and private retreats

• Offers diverse programs and workshops on issues related to personal and spiritual growth

• Provides retreats for those in recovering from substance abuse

• Financially stable: not subsidized by the Passionist Province or the Diocese of Pittsburgh

Voices of Support

Saint Paul of the Cross Apostolic Center carries out its mission to "keep the passion of Jesus Christ always in our hearts" by touching thousands of lives each year through the Retreat Center, Church, Substance Abuse Programs, Food Bank and weekly Novena. Over the years, individuals have expressed gratitude for the love that the Passionists give to others.

Take a closer look at the demolition...
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Fr. Mike Salvagna, CP


•  6/16/2015 - Boilers Need Replacement
•  6/23/2015 - Boilers Being Disassembled
•  11/22/2015 - Boiler Project Complete